That poet woman.

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ya…lets hang out…….im free feb 30th…

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Fairy tale cottage.


Fairy tale cottage.

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they said that my middle name is a greek muse for a reason,
that even my eyes are romantic,

but still you won’t touch me
and so now i walk down to the beach at night by myself and all the bioluminescence is dying and nothing really feels safe, not even here

i wish i could write again like on the last day, my hands all tangled up and nails making crescent moons on my stiff wrists
you got all torn up when i tried to say goodbye, and now again we’re on the grass
stained ground
heads spinning, bodies still, i would like to stay wrapped around you forever

but instead i’m starting to become someone else
and let myself fall away from these bones
so that the sea is beautiful again.

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·Yasmin is truly something·words
“ You grow up and you aren’t what
you said you wanted to be.
You grow up and you want to start
all over again.
They took away the dance in you
and they laughed when you tried to bring the music back.
So you paint pictures in gasoline
and wait for the fire.
So you wait for somebody to show up
and find empty doorways.
So you call your mother and almost tell
her about the monster under your bed,
how it won’t stop growling even
after the sun comes up.
This is what is left.
And the years go on and you almost
think you aren’t going to get better.
You almost think that whatever
has it’s claws in you won’t let go.
But the bruises melt back into your skin
and the broken limbs heal
and your hands find each other
again and again until
that feeling of loneliness
was just an aching dream you
had a few years back
that you can only remember in flashes, but never enough for it to stay. ”

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